Delightful Fantasies with Blindfolds

Blindfolds, a tool so simple that brings so much pleasure. Perhaps as a result of their impaired visual ability. blind people often develop a greatly enhanced sense of hearing. Certain noises get easily translated into internal meaning, making their minds capable of racing away to the most dramatic scenarios. This is why using a blindfold when lovemaking can concentrate the mind wonderfully. For a blindfold game that is based on a long-standing and widely popular sexual fantasy. emulate the great silent screen star Rudolph Valentino. in The Sheik:

Fantasies with a Blindfold

For the Woman:

Blindfold your woman and tell her you are taking her into the harem of a Turkish sultan. Since he is extremely ugly; she is not allowed to set eyes on him. Should she even be caught peeping, she will be under sentence of caning. In the harem, she will be attended by eunuchs.

These eunuchs must prepare her for the sultan. The preparations consist of oiling and anointing her body and then stimulating her genitals so that she is “ready” for the great king” Your job is to play the roles of the eunuchs and the sultan.

For the Man:

Blindfold your man and tell him you are taking him into a harem of exotic females. These women are allowed to use him in any way they desire. As you ride him you can forbid him to climax. Manipulate his body with your hands to place him in whatever position is appropriate. The more you use him while forbidding him to climax, the more likely he is to disobey you.

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