I am not receiving emails

If you do not receive an email. Please check the following and contact us using the inquiry contact form if none of them work.

Check your junk folder first. Sometimes our emails get marked as spam due to the nature of our company. Make sure to add ‘info@throbbinhood.com’ to your contact list to make sure you get all our emails.

Check that the registered email address is correct. If the email address is incorrect due to spelling mistakes. Email will not be delivered normally. If you suspect that the address is incorrect, please change it in your account setting page.

When the site cannot display om a phone or some computers. From October 2015, the server certificate has updated. As a result, customers in usage environments that do not support “SHA-2” will not be able to display the emails.

Will I receive a direct mail after placing an order?

We will not send you direct mail regardless of your phone or internet order.

Since my computer is shared with my family, will it show up in the history?

All websites will track your history for the most part, along with this we do store cookies on your computer for login information. You can order from a phone and prevent the sharing. Or make sure to remove all history and cookies after leaving the site. This will require you to remember your login information for the next visit.

To learn how to remove all history and cookies from your browser, search “‘web browser name’ + clear history” and “‘web browser name’ + clear cookies”. If you need help feel free to reach out to us at anytime. We will do our best to support you.

Do you have a catalog?

Not currently, but we are looking into putting together and PDF version. If we get a big enough request we might look into a printed version. Let us know if you are interested.

Can I change my password to anything else?

You can change your password under your account setting page.

How does the invoice appear on my credit card invoice?

“TR Hood” will be listed on the billing source.

Can I order without anyone noticing?

We can ship to places other than your home. Offices and the near post office for pick up. Please be assured that we will send you adult goods in plain cardboard so that your item is discreet.

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