Fun with Feathers

Fun with feathers

One of the most exotic touch temptations to come out of San Francisco in the heady days of the 1970s was the peacock feather massage. Peacocks look gorgeous, skim across the skin, and trickle the innocent recipient into wriggling submission. The best scenario of all was when two gorgeous, near-naked young men armed themselves with plumes and put their eager female clients through an hour of touch ecstasy. And there was not even any sex involved! For these games, you will need two peacock feathers or alternatively any wafting instrument and talcum powder.

Feathery tips:

  • Check first that your partner is not allergic.
  • Don’t tie knots too tightly.
  • Only play typing-up games if you have your partners’ consent and use a code word.

So Here’s What You Can Do

  • Sweep the plume upward on the inside thigh from knees to genitals “accidentally” knocking the genitals as you reach them.
  • Sprinkle your partner with talcum powder and use the feather to sweep it across their body.
  • Write “I Love You” with the quill over and over again on your partner’s naked chest.
  • Tickle every inch of your partner’s skin.
  • Use this peacock touch as a sensual massage preliminary.

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