Sexual Compatibility Checklist (9 Questions)

Sexual Compatibility Checklist

Sexual compatibility for everyone

Sexual Compatibility: The feeling of getting turned on by another person is magical. Sometimes you can look into a person’s eyes and know instantly that you want to have sex with him or her. That may put you on the road to togetherness with someone you’re attracted to and who’s attracted to you, but there’s more to it than that. Looking into each other’s eyes might feel right, but what happens once you talk about sex and you find out that he is

into S/M, which you find repulsive, or that she wants to have multiple partners, and you want her all to yourself? Finding a sex partner is, therefore, partially about finding someone you are attracted to, and partially about finding someone with the same sexual compatibility interests as you.

Sexually Compatible Couples Strongly Desire to Please Their Partner. 

You can ask yourself and the other person a few things to determine if you are sexually compatible. These are similar to the previous list, but they are designed for you to think about in the context of your present relationship.

  1. Are you both sexually attracted to each other?
  2. Do you usually want to have the same amount of sex, such as the same number of times per day/week/month?
  3. Do you both have the same values about love, relationships, and sex?
  4. Do you both like the same types of sexual behaviors—kinky sex or “regular” sex?
  5. Do you both want to be responsible when it comes to using birth control and condoms for disease protection?
  6. Will you both be open and honest if you have a sexually transmitted disease?
  7. Will you both be sensitive to each other’s sexual needs and desires?
  8. Are you physically attracted to each other, and do your bodies feel good together?
  9. Do you both have the same ideas about monogamy, fidelity, and cheating?

Once you have figured out your sexual compatibility, you can talk to your partner about them. Talking about these compatibility questions will inevitably bring you around to discussion of how you plan to be responsible for your sexual compatibility health. You should agree on the type of birth control and condoms you will use.

Also, you should be discussing ways to make sex emotionally and physically more gratifying for you. Take note: If your partner refuses to talk about sex with you, then that’s a good sign that you are not compatible! Therefore, talking about these things before sex will not only help you two have better sex, it will tell you if you two are sexually compatible.

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