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At, we are thoroughly committed to security and privacy protection. Our customers can enjoy shopping with peace of mind. Safety, security and reliability are main concern. Here, we will introduce our “safety and security mechanism”. 
If you are visiting our store for the first time, please take a look.

  • Use of ISRG CPS v3.0 SSL (encryption)
    • SSL (encryption) is used on all pages where customers’ personal information is entered to prevent eavesdropping on the transmission path 100%.
  • Order by guest registration
    • For guest purchase customers, the data will be completely deleted after 60 days.
  • Unauthorized intrusion prevention measures
    • We have taken measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion on the network and have taken all possible measures to prevent unauthorized server access from the outside.
  • Discard printed matter
    • All waste printed matter is immediately cross-cut shredded, and even garbage handlers carry out disposal that cannot be recycled or read.
  • Advanced security management
    • Our store management server uses a server installed in the data center where strict room entry management and advanced security management are performed.
  • Staff education
    • We always give thorough guidance and audits to the site management staff regarding the handling of personal information.
    • The personal information management server is operated with a limited number of accessible personnel.
  • Privacy protection
    • Products ordered by customers are strictly packed based on four points, with an emphasis on privacy protection, and delivered in a safe packing and shipping where the contents cannot be seen from the outside. 
  • Shipping Protocol
    • The shipping name will never be throbbinhood, but instead “TR Hood”
    • The product name on the tag can be changed when possible and if required for shipping.
    • On request we can have packages shipped to your local post office for pickup.

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