The Opera Singer – Dirty Fantasy

Opera singer

Phone your lover and tell them that they must report for their singing lesson at seven o’clock sharp at your place. Don’t take “no” for an answer. If they complain that they can’t sing anyway, say that they are now about to learn.

When they arrive, invite them into the music room. This may be any room in your home, but will preferably hold at least one musical instrument. A piano would be best, but if that’s not possible, a recorder or a guitar would do fine.

Explain to them that you are a stern singing master. You expect them to get your lesson right and, should they make any mistakes, they will be punished. Begin by asking them to sing a simple song. Anything will do – a nursery rhyme or a popular song. Make it clear from the outset that you will be a very hard taskmaster, criticizing even their most basic errors.

Make your instructions more difficult as the lesson progresses. (You need them to make a few mistakes!) You can ask them to sing the note you pitch on the turning fork, sing in time to the rhythm you set up on the metronome, or maybe echo any nonsense sequence of notes you play first.

The Punishments

By way of “punishment” for failure to follow your instructions, you might get them to take off their clothes one by one, make a phone call in the nude, or bend over to be spanked with a paddle. Alternatively, you could make them continue singing, but now completely naked and bent over forward.

Your Actions

As they continue to sing, both exact your punishments and show your satisfaction with them by alternating light spanking with gentle stroking and rubbing of their bottom.

Lubricate their mouth with your finger (to help the “purity” of their notes), lubricate their vagina or butthole with your finger (for the same reason), and force them to continue singing while you penetrate them. Intensify your “punishments” by forcing them to continue while you can rub their orifices with your finger or tongue.


When your lesson ends, you might present them with a secret recording of their lesson so that they can take it home and see if there is any way in which they might improve their technique. Make sure to acquire consent before recording your partner in any form.

Game Analysis

The game depends on your ability to remain in character. Your strictness as a teacher will make your lover feel slightly unnerved, even though they know it is you. The fact that you carry through the punishments in direct proportions to their ability will annoy them. The fact that you insist on continuing – even though they feel silly and uncertain – will intensify their emotions.

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