Top 5 Sex Myths

Top 5 Myths about Sex

The Sex Myth – The gap between our fantasies and reality

Sex is dirty, sinful, and unpleasant
People usually blame religion for teaching that sex is bad, wrong, or sinful. But in fact, you can have strong religious beliefs and still have sex for pleasure. An old saying goes. If God hadn’t wanted people to have sex, God wouldn’t have made it feel so good.

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Ejaculation depletes a man’s energy.
This sex myth dates back to India as far as the 600s. People believed that the more a man ejaculated, the more he would have to replenish the energy supply. The more of his precious energies he would lose. Of course, this isn’t true, as it is a fact that semen production is effortless for a man. Vigorous sex might make you tired as with any activity. However great sex can give you added energy. For every man who feels like going to sleep after sex, just as many are invigorated and want to go run 10 miles, or have sex again.

Sexual pleasure does not last throughout your life.
Understand that orgasms form from a person’s brain and nerve endings. They are not related to our sexual organs and more importantly, you can have an unlimited number of orgasms. Your sexual pleasure will last as long as you’re alive.

Men always want to have sex and cannot be monogamous.
This sex myth according to evolutionary biology, male species have millions of sperm for the reason of spreading them around to fertilize as many eggs as possible. This is not relevant for men in contemporary society. Men do not need to spread their “seed” to as many different women as possible. They can settle down with one woman happily, forever.

Men can be faithful, as long as they choose to be faithful. Saying “all men cheat” is like saying that no man has self-control. Or that no man can respect his commitment to his relationship. This is not true. Not all men betray and lie to women. Any man can choose to be with only one woman forever.

Women should not ask for sex and should not love having sex.
A woman who wants sex might worry that she will be called a slut or thought of as a whore. After all, when we were growing up, isn’t that what you heard girls called if they were the ones who “got around” But what is wrong with a woman enjoying sex? If you don’t know the answer, it’s because there isn’t one. Sex is here for you to enjoy- both men and women.

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